About Me

Hi, I’m Felix Wang.

I hail from a family of Chinese immigrants, who moved to St. Joseph Missouri where I was born. I am proud to say that they inspire me every day to do my best. I attended Central High School and graduated at the top of my class while also being involved in a wide array of clubs and activities.

Currently, I am a student at the University of Missouri majoring in IT English. I hope in the future to go to law school and work in technology and patent law. My hobbies include playing the piano, writing code, reading a vast array of literature, and acting. I’m involved in several organization and leadership activities on campus. In my free time I used to do a lot of standup comedy, sketch comedy, and improv acting as the treasurer for our standup club, vice president for sketch comedy, and on the traveling Mizzou Improv Team: Fatt Mottis. Much of my time now is dedicated to research with both the DCPS Lab at Mizzou and Dr Fang Wang’s VR Research group. I additionally used to be part of the ASH Scholars team as both an affiliate and a full-time scholar in the linguistics and art of death programs respectively. In 2022 I worked on a research paper with Dr. Lee Manion about the Holy Grail’s depiction throughout history. I’m also a member of the honors CS/IT society here at Mizzou called UPE.  In 2023 during the summer I was an intern at CACI in Charlottesville, VA. I’m interested in helping to make technological solutions that work better for everybody!  

I like picking up new hobbies and doing advocacy work: I used to work for Missouri Jobs with Justice as a paid canvasser, I’m a standing committee member at Mizzou for cybersecurity analysis, I acted as the treasurer for Mizzou’s Queer Liberation Front, I’m an engineering mentor, a tutor at the student success center and a teaching assistant for INFOTC 2810. I used to be a teaching assistant for INFOTC 2910. Additionally, I used to be a teaching assistant for a sociology course on campus which has provided me with many valuable experiences. I also help out with my chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby. Expanding on my love for volunteerism, during the summer of 2021 I worked for Americorps, specifically with the Fox Cities Habitat for Humanity in an IT position.  I’m working right now as a member of the campaign organizing committee for YDSA National.  I am heavily involved in volunteer opportunities, currently working for the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department and the Smithsonian Transcription Center.

In my free time I’m heavily involved in a game called quizbowl where I’m a member of the Missouri governing body (MOQBA), a high school national organization (PACE) and a member of the communications board for the college organization (ACF) as well as being the former president of the club here at Mizzou and its refounder.

I occasionally do stuff for film (watch breaking and entering!), act in theater things (Mizzou New Play Series), write for my blog, fence,  hang out with friends, play the piano (for 15 years!), play chess, participate in MUVR, write fiction, do robotics, and read many many things! I’m glad to meet you!

Ask any of my professors or teachers during my academic career, and they can attest my hard work and dedication. I enjoy collaborating with other people to accomplish larger goals and my organization skills only help me in this regards. Throughout my life, I have displayed flexibility, creativity and empathy. I know these skills will be ones which will be useful during my time in college, and my future career.